Cafe Breizh


Neon Feast contributor and Esther’s Kitchen chef/owner James Trees admits to a certain weakness when it comes to Cafe Breizh.

“Chef Pierre at Cafe Breizh is doing the best laminated pastry in Las Vegas,” Trees says. “His ham and Gruyere croissant is great, as is his mille-feuille. He has expanded his seating and his dessert offerings, and they are all fantastic. His savory crepes are a weekend breakfast go-to, but I can’t go there without getting a croissant.”

Everything at Cafe Breizh is baked on-site, with fresh items continually coming out of the oven before customers’ eyes.

Among the substantial breakfast items are omelets, quiches (Lorraine, salmon and broccoli or spinach and mushroom) and a croissant egg sandwich with cheddar cheese.

Salad selections are the classic Nicoise, Caesar, Cobb and caprese, which can be customized with add-ons such as smoked salmon or Reblochon. Hot and cold sandwiches, galettes and crepes round out the menu, and of course the cookies, pastries and breads are not only unending, but unmatched.

Baked Goods French Sandwiches West of Strip and Vicinity

Baked Goods French Sandwiches West of Strip and Vicinity

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