Yassou Greek Grill Cafe


Dayna Roselli, co-host of the "Vegas Revealed" podcast and partner in Insightful Media, lists Yassou as one of her favorite places to pick up food when heading to a get-together or to a friend’s house.

“Easy to call, order and pick up,” she said. ”The staff is super-friendly. I love the Greek salad with gyros and lemon-herb chicken. You get a lot of food, and it’s really tasty and fresh. It’s also under $12! You can’t beat it.”

Yassou serves the customary Greek plates such as gyros, spanakopita and souvlaki, alone or in combos, but the specialty of the house is a skewer of pork loin with salad, rice and pita bread. Greek salads are served topped with lemon-herb chicken or steak, tuna, gyros or a gyros and chicken combination, and Greek or Mediterranean pizza or Greek pasta with chicken, gyros or calamari are on the menu, along with some vegetarian selections.

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