Cracked Egg

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Family-owned and operated since 2002, the philosophy here is that breakfast should be the most delicious meal of the day. The menu’s “Eggs with Attitude” includes 10 choices for egg scrambles, including vegetarian and low fat. Fans of French Toast can venture beyond the classic version, and try twists such as peanut butter-stuffed, croissant, and raspberry-stuffed. But the place is known for its short stacks of buttermilk, multigrain blueberry, coconut, macadamia, banana, banana-walnut, banana-chocolate chip, and cinnamon roll pancakes.

Dayna Roselli (Journalist, Social Media Guru, Las Vegas lover) loves that anything can be prepared in any way and says, “Quick and easy. I like that I can pick what I want mixed in my omelet or sides.” Top Chef alumna Carla Pellegrino enjoys its Old School vibe and what she calls, “American Style breakfast at its best.”

The lunch menu expands with a great mix of homemade soups, salads, sandwiches and burgers. To make lunch your own most delicious meal of the day, try the Monte Cristo -- made with turkey, ham and Swiss cheese, dipped in French Toast batter, and deep-fried.

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