O. Onigiri


Hungry and on short on time near Spring Mountain Road? Do your palate a favor and skip the burger drive-thrus in favor of the grab-and-go delights of O. Onigiri, which specializes in Okinawa-style stuffed-rice and nori snacks. And you’ll be doing your wallet a favor as well, since they’re priced at less than $10 – in some cases, much less.

O. Onigiri offers its namesake food in more than a dozen varieties. They range from raw ahi tuna with cucumber at the upper end of the price spectrum, with Spam, egg, furikake and teriyaki sauce at the lowest. In between you’ll find one with fried oysters, cucumber and katsu sauce, fried soft-shell crab with cucumber and unagi sauce, pork katsu with nori furikake, radishes and curry sauce, and tuna salad with cucumber. There are vegetarian and vegan onigiri as well, made with vegetarian Spam and various accompaniments.

Or you can get garlic edamame, fried pork gyoza, six fried oysters with Kewpie mayonnaise and takoyaki sauce, fried chili pepper with cucumber and tartar sauce or kimchi with vegetarian Spam, egg and nori furikake. Finish with mochi ice cream, in less-common flavors such as salted caramel and Pandan pistachio.

Japanese West of Strip and Vicinity Inexpensive Eats Quick Bite

Japanese West of Strip and Vicinity Inexpensive Eats Quick Bite

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