Ramen Hashi


It’s no surprise Ramen Hashi was named a top ramen spot by numerous Neon Feast contributors -- including Instagrammers, a podcaster, a veteran print journalist and multiple restaurateurs (like Fukuburger “dude” Colin Fukunaga, who endorsed it “by a landslide”). There are plenty of reasons to love it.

First, of course, would be the stellar varieties of chicken-based ramen with house-made noodles on this slim but deep menu. They include the classic shoyu, tori paitan (described as a chicken version of tonkotsu), miso, tantna men (white broth with sesame) or the chef’s suggested shio (a clear broth). Pork isn’t completely eschewed, however. It shows up in chashu don, braised and served with shredded seaweed and egg over rice.

Then there’s the other thing, the reason contributors also recommended it in the Cheap Eats category. All of the styles of ramen are priced at $10 to $11. Those who know Las Vegas know the Chinatown area is a hotbed of bargain food. Yet Ramen Hashi’s prices are among its most budget-friendly.

Japanese West of Strip and Vicinity Inexpensive Eats

Japanese West of Strip and Vicinity Inexpensive Eats

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