Ramen Sora


Japanese natives Chef Yoshi and Chef Tomio teamed up to bring Las Vegas Ramen Sora, a restaurant that translates to “noodle soup” and “sky.” In it, they serve ramen with four bases: miso, shio (or salt), shoyu (soy sauce) and a vegetarian-friendly version made with vegetable stock and soy milk.

After choosing a broth style, customers are invited to select variations such as chashu, corn butter, nori, negi (shredded green onions), spicy, spicy umami or killer spicy umami. You can customize it with toppings such as bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, pickled radish, ginger or curry sauce. The goal is to end up with what Ramen Sora calls “The Symphony of the Best Ramen,” in which all elements are in harmony.

Complete your meal with regular or garlic edamame, gyoza, pork fried rice or spicy fried rice, a chashu or chashu curry bowl or an otsumami platter, with seared chashu, flavored egg and the condiment menma. And of course, wash it down with a glass of sake or draft Sapporo beer.

Japanese West of Strip and Vicinity Inexpensive Eats

Japanese West of Strip and Vicinity Inexpensive Eats

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