tsp. Baking Company


Dayna Roselli, co-host of the "Vegas Revealed" podcast and partner in Insightful Media, likes the wares at tsp. Baking Company, especially the fact that ”if you have a particular design you want for a cake, the staff is always great about working with you to get it right.” She also notes that the cakes “are always moist and delicious.”

Food blogger LeAnne Notabartolo agrees, adding that “Their cupcakes and cookies are truly fun, with interesting flavors and fun decorations depending on the season and the flavor.”

tsp.’s custom cake flavors are limitless, while daily offerings include the Brownie Batter Rosette, Salted Caramel Fuego and cherry cheesecake. Mini-cupcakes and cookies in numerous flavors also are freshly baked. The real cognoscenti, though, know to stop in for a Fairy Roll (or cinnamon roll or lemon-berry roll). As ethereal as the name, they’re baked by 8 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays only, although you can order by the dozen with 24 hours’ notice any day of the week.

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