Lemongrass & Lime (Multiple Location)

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Centennial Hills Location

Lemongrass & Lime, which proclaims itself “a Thai bistro,” has a location in Summerlin. But it’s the original location, in a Centennial Hills neighborhood that has a somewhat thin selection of serious restaurants, that resonates with Metro Pizza’s Chris Decker. The pizzaiolo (and Metro managing partner) describes the Thai cuisine offered here as “delicious and perfect every time.”

All of the classics are avaialble. You might start with a Thai summer roll, salt and pepper shrimp or chicken satay. Then move on to a bowl of tom kha soup, or a bowl or hot pot of Buddha Soup with glass noodles, tofu and vegetables.

The curries include the expected red, yellow, green, panang, massaman and pumpkin. But they also have varieties like short rib massaman, salmon green and crispy duck. Fried rice and noodle dishes abound. Entrée options range from orange peel chicken to honey shrimp. And for something a little different, try the catfish with sweet chili sauce, or a grilled whole squid with Thai seafood sauce and salmon teriyaki.

(NOTE -- For additional locations, search "Lemongrass & Lime")

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