Cereal Killerz Kitchen

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Remember Saturday morning cartoons with a bowl of sugar-coated cereal? This Vegas-born sweet spot wants to re-create that youthful joy, and then turn it up a few notches by letting you mix and match over 100 of the sweetest, sugariest cereals a kid could crave – in a bowl of milk, or into ice cream and milkshakes. Those latter options are what landed it on our list of top places for dessert. The cartoons running on the house TVs are an added treat.

With locations in Centennial Hills and on the Strip, founders Chris and Jess cater to locals and tourists alike. And their eye-popping creations have made them a huge hit among the Instagram crowd.
“I love that they’ve made it easy and accessible to try every single cereal imaginable without buying an entire box,” says devotee Lindsay Stewart (@TheLasVegasFoodie). “They even have special edition cereals that are hard to find.”

If you think you can consume a massive bowl of over 130 cereals in under an hour, take their Cereal Challenge. Or just have them mix you up a box of as many different varieties as you like, and take it home with you.

3663 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89109

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