Makers & Finders (DTS)


Looking for a cup of Joe, or just a place to chill, while exploring the burgeoning Arts District scene or shopping in Downtown Summerlin? Look no further than Makers & Finders. The vibe and décor encourage guests to linger and visit. Select from its coffee bar, tea bar, macha bar or espresso bar while you do.

For hand-poured and made-to-order or French press, the baristas create the perfect cup of coffee or tea. Or try the lavender or hibiscus flavors for something truly unique. Breakfast, with vegan options, goes beyond plain eggs to put some twists on the classics. The tantalizing tastes for lunch and dinner range from crispy pork belly and plantains to chipotle steak. And adult beverages such as beer, wine and cocktails can be enjoyed instead of caffeine (or decaf) hot drinks.

Robert Kachelriess (writer at Thrillist), Tom Wszalek (management and marketing consultant), Melinda Sheckells (writer and editor), Jolene Mannina (Secret Burger), and Branden Powers (managing partner/ creator at The Golden Tiki) all recommend it for early morning beverages and breakfast.

Breakfast Coffee Summerlin and Vicinity

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