Weiss Deli


The word “iconic” might be overused, but not when it’s used in the same sentence as Weiss Restaurant Deli Bakery. Located in Henderson, the deli and bakery have been serving bagels and other delish food items for decades. Soups such as chicken noodle, matzo ball, and sweet & sour cabbage can best be described as poetry in a bowl. But the restaurant is best known for the bagels: boiled and baked to perfection, with that dense, chewy, doughy interior and browned exterior.

Thrillist’s Robert Kachelriess, social media marketing pro Emily Romero, Instagrammer Lindsay Stewart and renowned local chef James Trees all recommend Weiss for a bagel fix. And a plethora of other experts listed this as one of the valley’s top delis -- including Philip Tzeng (food blogger), Al Mancini (food writer and podcaster), Anthony Curtis (Publisher Las Vegas Advisor), Jolene Mannina (Secret Burger) and Cory Harwell (Owner of Carson Kitchen).

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