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Celebrity chef Carla Pellegrino (who was raised in Italy) loves the deli at Panevino, calling it “a real taste of Turin.” Yet the place has a lot more to offer. Under one roof, Panevino hosts not only that deli, but also a lounge and a formal Italian restaurant -- each commanding its own separate space.

Open for lunch, the gourmet deli features freshly baked artisan bread, pastries, Italian cured meats, imported cheeses, homemade pasta and gelatos. The relaxed atmosphere and overstuffed sandwiches (including a Rueben, Philly cheesesteak and chicken club) create a casual midday meal in the bright space.

Walk through another door into the fine-dining Italian restaurant with high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows (with amazing views), luxurious seating and tempting Italian cuisine. Pasta Fresca (homemade pasta), Pasta Secca (dry pasta) and risotto are topped with creamy sauces and added ingredients for those who love their carbs. Beef, chicken and seafood, along with vegan choices, round out the menu for an elegant dinner or romantic lunch.

Happy hour, a full bar and comfortable seating in a peaceful ambiance beckon those who want to relax, grab a nosh and enjoy a cocktail.

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