Steamie Weenie


Why is it that hot-dog places tend to have such whimsical names? Perhaps it’s the very nature of the tube steak, which presents so much stuffed into such a compact package. Steamie Weenie, which definitely follows the pattern, was recommended in this category by Colin Fukunaga, who as “the Fuku Burger dude” clearly knows a little bit about quick and iconic American meals.

What’s the appeal? Whether you’re a hot-dog purist or progressive, Steamie Weenie probably has a dog just for you. In the Old Dogs category, you’ll find the Windy City, which adheres to Chicago tradition with pickle, tomato, relish, onion, yellow mustard, sport peppers and celery salt (and no ketchup!) or Das Wurst, a German-style bratwurst with brown mustard and sauerkraut on a pretzel bun.

Looking for a New Trick? You’ll have your choice of the award-winning Savage, a bacon-wrapped dog with brown mustard, grilled onions, ranch and blue-cheese crumbles, or the 9th Island, with pineapple relish, teriyaki sauce, green onions and (wait for it!) fried Spam. Adding steamie to your weenie are create-your-own options (including vegan dogs), fries, tots and housemade dipping sauces.

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