Cream Me Ice Creamery


Food blogger LeAnne Notabartolo was among the Neon Feast participants who heartily recommended Cream Me Ice Creamery in downtown Las Vegas.

“There is this thing called a Mangonada … that is so amazing,” she said. “Salty, sweet, spicy, chewy and cold; it hits all the notes for me. It's mango sorbet in a parfait with Tajin-coated dried mango and chamoy sauce. The regular is more than enough for two people (it comes in a 16-ounce drinking cup). Ask for it in the small cup unless you intend to share.”

But of course that isn’t the only treat that immediately brought in fans in the first few months after Cream Me opened (in the midst of the pandemic). Ice cream flavors include the usual suspects, plus offbeat choices such as Kauai Pie, caramel coconut and Guinness Stout.

There are vegan flavors, too. And you can get an unlimited amount of most toppings for $1. Banana splits come in a regular size or as the giant challenge (if you order it and finish it alone, it’s free).

Ice Cream Central LV (Fremont, Arts District, UMC, etc.)

Ice Cream Central LV (Fremont, Arts District, UMC, etc.)

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