Mora Ice Creamery (Multiple Locations)

Downtown Summerlin Location

While other ice-cream companies are packing the butterfat into their products, the folks at Mora – based in the “Little Norway” of Washington state – put the brakes on, knowing that too much of a good thing can dull flavors. And it would be a downright shame to dull these flavors.

The folks at Mora are mindful of the best ice creams all over the world, which is why they say their strawberry is designed to take you back to grandmother’s farm, while the marron glace may evoke memories of a little shop in Paris.

Fresh fruits reign supreme here, with bananas, blackberries, blueberries, lemons, mangos, pears or pineapple blended with the proprietary mixture of milk and cream for some flavors. Others are more complex, such as Warming Cardamom, cheesecake with brownies, cheesecake with raspberry jam, espresso mocha, gianduja and three variations on dulce de leche.

You can get it on cones, in dishes or made up into more involved creations; how about a banana split made with banana split ice cream? And you can enjoy it with a hot chocolate or cup of coffee, or take home a pint or quart for sharing – or not!

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Ice Cream Summerlin and Vicinity Dessert

Ice Cream Summerlin and Vicinity Dessert

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