Kusa Nori

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Kusa Nori offers a little bit of just about everything that a diner might be looking for in a high-end Japanese restaurant. The sushi menu offers a solid selection of nigiri and sashimi, as well as both traditional and whimsical rolls. There are hot and cold small plates intended for sharing, as well as a nice variety of skewers form the robata grill. And steak fans can choose from real Japanese A5 wagyu beef, priced by the ounce, or a 10-ounce striploin of a domestic relative. There’s even a three-course prix fixe menu, with choices for each course (and a signature Mai Thai cocktail included).

It's the teppanyaki, however, that’s most popular with the pros we surveyed. (Of course, Resorts World is still a relatively new property, and we can only assume foodies are still discovering many of its offerings.) Modern Luxury magazine’s Emmy Kasten and food blogger Philip Tzeng are among those who cited this as a favorite spot for table-cooked deliciousness.

Japanese Strip North (and Convention Center)

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