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With 17 Masaharu Morimoto restaurants scattered around the globe, and countless imitators trying to replicate his success (including several in Las Vegas), what’s most surprising about the Iron Chef’s Las Vegas outpost is how distinctly original it feels. That’s attributable in large part to the way he’s created four unique, but connected, experiences within his massive MGM Grand space.

Snacks and cocktails in the lounge are enough to provide a legit taste of what the chef is all about in a quick and casual setting. Taking a seat at the sprawling sushi bar to watch master chefs expertly cut and craft nigiri before passing it to you over the bar is a sushi-lover’s dream. Full meals, omakase tasting menus and mouth-watering steaks are best enjoyed in the main dining room -- where diners are tempted by the cuts of world-class American and Japanese beef on display. And for something truly different, Las Vegas is home to the chef’s only U.S. teppanyaki table, where his team raise the bar well beyond what you’ve experienced at a Benihana. The best part, however, is that you can mix-and-match pieces of each experience, regardless of where you’re seated.

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