Mizumi (Closed For Renovations -- See Min's Test Kitchen)

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While Mizumi is TEMPORARILY CLOSED for renovations, Chef Min Kim is offering his cuisine at a POP-UP called “MIN’S TEST KITCHEN,” which will operate within JARDIN at Wynn Las Vegas through late September 2023. Please check the listing for Min’s Test Kitchen for more details.


Wynn’s gorgeous Japanese restaurant resonates with different people for different reasons.

Restaurateurs Crystina Nguyen and Joe Muscaglione are among those who come here for the intimate teppanyaki room, where communal table grilling is taken to a new level of elegance. Food writers Rob Kachelriess and Phil Tzeng both chose it as a perfect date night spot. And then there’s the view of Wynn’s manmade lake and waterfall, which enraptures chef/restaurateur Nina Manchev, as well as Tzeng. “Mizumi's outdoor gardens, koi pond and waterfall (make this) a spot I love taking out-of-towners,” says Tzeng.

In keeping with the restaurant’s broad appeal, Chef Min Kim has assembled an expansive menu that combines several types of Japanese cuisine. Whether you’re in the mood for sushi, sashimi, tempura, robata, noodles, soups or steak, Kim (a veteran of multiple Michelin-starred restaurants) has a dish for you. There’s even a full page of vegetarian options.

For the ultimate Mizumi experience, ask about an omakase tasting menu on the outdoor floating pagoda in the center of the lagoon.

Japanese Sake Strip North (and Convention Center) Outdoor Dining Romance View

Japanese Sake Strip North (and Convention Center) Outdoor Dining Romance View

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