Canyon Ranch Grill

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With so much health-conscious and self-care activity going on just steps away, you wouldn't expect this restaurant at The Venetian’s Canyon Ranch Spa to serve a ton of greasy fried food, would you? But dining here doesn’t mean depriving yourself. While you can start the day at the Canyon Ranch Grill with hot oats with fresh berries and toasted walnuts, you also could indulge in an All-American Classic Breakfast – upgraded just a bit with grilled potatoes and uncured bacon or chicken sausage. Then again, you can choose caramelized pineapple pancakes or strawberry-rhubarb-stuffed French toast.

At lunch you might expect a bunch of healthy salads. And the CR Signature Manchego Chopped Salad fits the bill, as it’s a “lettuce-less” creation that’s like a big bowl of chopped fresh vegetables. But again, the more ascetic choices are balanced with some that feel almost naughty, like the crispy Maine lobster cakes, or the roasted turkey-and-brie club. And this being Vegas, organic and sustanable spirits, cocktails, beer and wine are available. But if you’re really serious about improving your nutritional choices, know that chia seeds, turmeric oil, tomato oil, flax seeds, avocado oil or pomegranate seeds can be added to any dish.

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