Chef Kenny's Vegan Dim Sum

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When it comes to vegan dining in Las Vegas, the first spot many locals recommend is nearly always Chef Kenny’s.

Chef Kenny Chye rose to fame at Veggie House, veganizing numerous styles of Asian cuisine in eerie vegan perfection. He went on to open an incredibly popular eponymous restaurant on Spring Mountain Road. Then, in 2021, he opened Chef Kenny’s Dim Sum.

What makes this particular restaurant his best so far? Simply put, this vegan dim sum outpost offers all the best of his early restaurants, plus an astounding line-up of vegan dim sum.

Chef Kenny has somehow mastered veganizing dishes that you don't expect to be vegan. And while he wont’ divulge his secrets, the throngs of fans spout their praise regularly. With an indoor gazebo as the centerpiece, the restaurant offers an array of popular Chinese dishes like orange chicken with the perfect texture, pho, ramen, and even sushi that ranges from vegan eel to steak.

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