BLACKOUT (Dining in the Dark)

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This is one of the nine 100% plant-based Las Vegas restaurants recommended by founder Diana Edelman, who says:

"BLACKOUT (Dining in the Dark) is the only restaurant in town providing a dining experience where it’s pitch black in the dining room. Phones, purses, all of it, are left in lockers before you’re guided by the shoulder into the dining room, which is shrouded in darkness. Servers and staff are outfitted with night vision goggles. You’re told where your cutlery, plates and drinks are. And then, you’re left to discover food and flavors using your other five senses.

Diners are ushered through a multi-course experience where the only thing you know is whether or not to use your hands or grab a fork or spoon. The result is a unique experience in Las Vegas that's a fun outing for visitors looking for something different, a pricier date night or a great special occasion venue. It’s only once you're directed back into the light to pay your bill that you are presented with the menu, which just so happens to be vegan. But, shhhh, most people don’t even know."

American Vegan West of Strip and Vicinity Romance

American Vegan West of Strip and Vicinity Romance

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