Izakaya Go Japanese Tapas & Bar

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Tapas has evolved in America over the past few decades, from a Spanish tradition to an effective way of serving (and consuming) small plates representing numerous international cuisines. And those would include Japanese, at the hands of the chefs of Izakaya Go.

Izakaya Go’s tapas are numerous and varied, with both familiar dishes and those that are decidedly less so. In the former category you’ll find edamame, beef tataki (seared beef with ponzu sauce), an assortment of Japanese pickles, fresh oysters and poke on spring greens with ponzu dressing.

In the latter: sliced mountain yam with pickled shark cartilage and flying fish roe, a salad of tomatoes and yam with plum dressing, a burger made of ramen noodle buns with braised pork belly and vegetables, bitter melon stir-fried with bacon, egg and tofu, and deep-fried chicken cartilage with sea salt.

But of course there’s more, and at Izakaya Go that includes a variety of soups, sushi, sashimi, rice bowls, fried rice and risotto. And for those who’d rather go with a big plate, they offer complete dinners.

Open until 2 a.m. weekdays, an hour later on weekends, this is a popular end-of-night spot among local foodies.

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