Birria El Compa


Food blogger Philip Tzeng seems to like Birria El Compa for all the right reasons.

“While every other Mexican shop sells beef birria because it's easier and more convenient for them, Birria El Compa does it the right way – serving goat meat and putting in the time and care to do it right,” Tzeng said. “It really shows in all their menu items, and that's why they're a step above the rest.”

Besides serving the goat in the namesake dish of meat stewed with chili peppers – accompanied by four hand-made corn tortillas – Birria El Compa, which has roots in Jalisco, serves its roasted goat in tacos made with handmade or hard-shell corn tortillas, with or without cheese, and in a quesadilla with cheese.

But if goat’s not your thing, Birria El Compa also serves beef barbacoa birria, tacos or quesadillas and fried bean tacos and quesadillas. They also offer goat and beef broths in individual servings or by the quart, as well as handmade corn tortillas, four or by the dozen, and spicy fried beans with chips. Agua frescas, juices and Mexican and American bottled beverages also are offered.

Mexican Central LV (Fremont, Arts District, UMC, etc.)

Mexican Central LV (Fremont, Arts District, UMC, etc.)

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