Michael’s Gourmet Room

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This classic gourmet room at the South Point was a Fine Dining/Special Occasion pick by local food and beverage writer Bob Barnes, who explains, “Michael’s has stood the test of time, with the signature stained glass dome and doors at the entrance brought from its first home at the Barbary Coast, as well as the elegant red velvet booths and chairs that resemble the feel and look of thrones. Part of the old time Vegas charm are service aspects you rarely encounter in the 21st century, with a tuxedoed captain, two waiters and a bus boy for every five tables.”

On the menu you’ll find the same classic dishes that have reigned supreme since the 1980s, such as scampi fra diavolo, Maryland lump crab cocktail, fresh sea bass, William J’s salad (avocado, peeled tomato and hearts of palm), double rib spring lamb chops with mint jelly and filet mignon with champignon mushroom sauce.

Service is also an interactive part of your meal, as salads are dressed tableside, sauces are heated on a cart with a burner immediately before being served, and desserts of bananas Foster and cherries jubilee are a pyrotechnic show as well as a scrumptious delight.

American Seafood Steak Strip South Dessert Romance Special Occasion

American Seafood Steak Strip South Dessert Romance Special Occasion

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