Double Down Saloon


The self-proclaimed “happiest place on earth” has been Vegas’ clubhouse for the lunatic fringe (another self-proclamation) since 1992. Owner P Moss says he created Double Down to be the bar that HE wanted to sit in. And Neon Feast’s Al Mancini, himself a former bartender at New York’s CBGB, calls Double Down “the most legit punk rock bar in Las Vegas.”

Double Down makes good on that praise by hosting bands nearly every night of the week, with NO cover charge. When the bands aren’t on stage, the jukebox is pounding out “a 24/7 assault of punk, garage, surf, lo-fi and rockabilly.”

Double Down is open 24/7, thanks to its video poker machines. And yes, like almost every other video poker bar, when you play you drink for free.

And the signature drink, the infamous “Ass Juice,” may be what you want to order. Or maybe not. It’s described as everything from “a rather unpleasant punch” to just an impromptu mixture of citrus and cheap liquors.

If that’s a shot too far, try Double Down’s other famous invention: the bacon martini. Just don’t ask the inventor to have one. “I think it tasted like (crap),” Moss told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “But a lot of people love it.”

Dive Bar East of Strip & Paradise Live Music

Dive Bar East of Strip & Paradise Live Music

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