Slice House by Tony Gemignani (Allegiant)

Allegiant Stadium Location

LOCATED AT SECTIONS 140, 206, 230 & 308

Of 13-time World Pizza Champion Tony Gemignani’s two Allegiant Stadium concepts, this is the more casual, with the more limited menu. But you can still find two different styles of pizza: Old School Pepperoni and Square Cheese. They’re served alongside a nice variety of traditional stadium snacks such as French fries, hot dogs and chicken tenders, pretzels, assorted popcorn flavors, chips & cheese and candy.

If you like what you try here, and want to experience more, make sure to check out his Pizza Rock outposts in sections 109, 137 and 346. Or better yet, pay a visit to one of Pizza Rock’s brick-and-mortar locations, in Downtown Las Vegas or Green Valley Ranch.

American Italian Pizza West of Strip and Vicinity

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