Paina Cafe (Multiple Locations)

Blue Diamond Location

Paina Cafe may be best known for its excellent poke bowls. But it has a sweet offering as well. And the mochi doughnuts, which bring a new, springy-chewy dimension to the traditional fried cakes, are favorites of veteran journalists Al Mancini and Emmy Kasten, restaurateur Branden Powers and social media influencer Emily Romero. They’re even shaped differently than the norm, with the rounds formed of little spheres that make them look like bulky pearl necklaces with colorful icing and decorative touches.

Paina’s flagship is in Honolulu. (Its name refers to the traditional Hawaiian word for “gathering.”) So it’s not surprising their mochi doughnuts come in island-inspired flavors such as ube, ube cheesecake, guava and taro (poi), as well as chocolate, cookies ‘n cream, matcha, blueberry, Chantilly, churro, red velvet, coffee cake, black sesame, chocolate brownie, birthday cake and the ever-popular strawberry (that’s available daily). And there are special flavors for holidays, such as a Mother’s Day selection that included white chocolate raspberry, strawberry cheesecake, lychee, melon and brioche crunch.

Paina Cafe also serves slices of rolled cakes, in flavors such as ube and red velvet.

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Baked Goods Hawaiian Southwest Valley Dessert

Baked Goods Hawaiian Southwest Valley Dessert

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