Hobak Korean BBQ

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Veteran magazine editor and scenester Emmy Kasten finds much to like about Hobak Korean BBQ.

“For an authentic, quality Korean barbecue feast in an energetic atmosphere, Hobak hits the mark every time,” Kasten said. “The prime-level meats, friendly waitstaff and soju cocktails make it a superior experience. This is an excellent spot for small groups who want great food and a good time. It’s worth the (often very long) wait to get in.”

Hobak specializes in premium Black Angus cuts including skirt steak, short ribs, ribeye, beef belly and brisket as well as grilled wagyu bulgogi. Dry-aged beef cuts are available singly or in combos and there also are combos that may include all beef, all pork or a combination. Pork belly, jowl and ribs are available.

Sides include kimchi stew, cheese kimchi fried rice and red or white ramen. Bulgogi hotpots are an option at lunch on weekdays from noon to 5 p.m. And the restaurant remembers the niceties.

“There are other cool things I love,” Kasten said, “including the toothbrushes in the bathroom!”

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