8 Ounce Korean Steak House & Bar

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8 Ounce promises an authentic Korean barbecue experience and they’re ready to deliver. There’s a vast variety of meat on this menu starting with 12 cuts of beef (including belly, tongue, bulgogi and galbi) and six cuts of pork (including premium and spicy pork belly and spicy or marinated collar). Other options include chicken, squid, scallops, shrimp, octopus, lobster and Nigerian King Prawns.

A number of combos are also available, ranging from one that includes five cuts and serves five to six people to one with three cuts of pork that serves two to three people. Sides are numerous as well, and include kimchi stew, cheese fondue, egg stew and spicy noodles.

And 8 Ounce is no slouch when it comes to the niceties.

"I love the dining room," says Rob Kachelriess of Thrillist. "It has a modern, semi-industrial feel, which is rare for Chinatown. The brick and wood decor offers a contemporary environment for enjoying an elevated take on traditional Korean barbecue."

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