Friendly Donut House


While Friendly, located in the southern part of Henderson, may be a little out of the way from most of the Las Vegas metropolitan area, chef/journalist Lorraine Blanco Moss (owner of, considers it well worth the trip.

“If you’re craving fresh fried dough and want to support an OG family biz, run to Boulder Highway to get your doughnut fix,” Moss advises. “Friendly Donut House boasts the best bear claws and crullers in the valley. The line is long, but it moves fast.”

And no wonder locals line up, especially on weekends. Besides bear claws and crullers, Friendly offers such old-fashioned doughnuts as buttermilk bars, glazed or sugared twists, maple or chocolate bars, crumb- or sugar-glazed and chocolate glazed doughnuts, plus those with lemon, raspberry or Bavarian cream filling.

But there are plenty of “fancy” options as well, such as cherry with a bright-red cherry glaze, apple fritters, cinnamon rolls, choco-cinnamon twists, chocolate chip and bow ties, as well as doughnut holes.

American Baked Goods Breakfast Coffee Henderson

American Baked Goods Breakfast Coffee Henderson

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