20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

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20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is a dining experience and attraction in one, which of course, makes it perfect for Las Vegas. The house restaurant in the Lost Spirits Distillery at AREA15 is about mood and atmosphere as much as quality ingredients and inventive recipes. Up to two seatings are offered each night with no more than 12 people sharing the same table. Everyone dines on the same multi-course menu, designed by Chef Taylor Persch as a journey through land and sea inspired by the restaurant's namesake Jules Verne novel.

Wagyu beef, seafood, and caviar make appearances through a series of small dishes and creative presentations. It's best not to give too many surprises away, but the highlight is a roast pig "sacrifice" on an altar. However, the setting feels more like an intimate private party than a dinner at a restaurant. At times, the music is selected to match specific courses. Pairings of the distillery's own rum are included and also used (uncooked) in the recipes, so be aware of your own consumption limits. You'll also want to tour the theme park-like distillery before or after the meal, view live performances and learn about Lost Spirits' groundbreaking aging technology.

Seafood West of Strip and Vicinity Special Occasion

Seafood West of Strip and Vicinity Special Occasion

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