Red 8

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Red 8, the more casual Asian option at Wynn Las Vegas, is particularly known for vegan dim sum, such as potstickers, white lotus or jade dumplings. But carnivores will find plenty of selections on this menu as well, such as deep-fried crab claws, steamed fresh abalone shiu mai, steamed spareribs and deep-fried shrimp and bean curd rolls.

Red 8 also offers a menu of noodle soups direct from Wynn Macau, such as pork and shrimp dumpling, braised beef brisket, fish balls and fish cakes, shrimp and tomato and Singaporean seafood laksa. Appetizers range from the familiar crab Rangoon to grilled abalone with garlic butter, along with Malaysian chicken satay, Cantonese egg rolls and Gardein chicken lettuce wraps. And yes, you can get barbecued pork fried rice. But the more adventurous may want to try one with stewed sliced abalone and diced chicken, or another with dry shredded scallops and egg whites.

Duck is available both roasted and pipa (which is sort of spatchcocked before it’s roasted). And congee, wok-fried noodles, fried rice and entrees such as Taiwanese Three Cup Chicken, stewed beef brisket with radish and soft shell crabs with rock salt and jalapeno pepper round things out.

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