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Numerous Neon Feast contributors recommended Robata En in its namesake category for charcoal-grilled foods, and no wonder; the restaurant’s menu is both extensive and a delightful blend of the familiar and the not.

Consider: seared foie gras with hamachi, mushrooms, rice, egg, chicken skin and Japanese seasonings, or even “Meat Candy” (twice-cooked pork belly with roasted chestnut puree, kumquats and pecans). Crispy Jidori Chicken evokes the islands, the chicken breast roulade graced with pineapple teriyaki, soy-brined jidori egg yolk and pickles. And Kakiyaki brings to mind New Orleans style, the live oysters grilled with sea urchin, ikura salmon roe, Parmesan cheese and herb butter.

You can get those oysters on the half-shell as well, with one of two styles of mignonette. Other cold dishes include tuna tataki with red onion, garlic chips and a ponzu reduction, and bluefin tuna belly with walnuts, raisins, red radishes, shiitake salsa and miso vinaigrette. And wagyu or Kobe beef is served cold but consumed hot, the sear-it-yourself dish prepared on hot stones and served with ponzu and mushroom sauce.

An eight-course tasting menu of signature and seasonal dishes also is available.

Japanese West of Strip and Vicinity

Japanese West of Strip and Vicinity

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