Karved Rotisserie Meats


They do a lot of carving at Karved, with house-roasted rotisserie meats including chicken, beef and pork.

Those are turned into a multitude of plates including beef tri-tip and porchetta, which come with two sides, rice, pita and signature sauce. But our pros love the place for sandwiches such as porchetta with arugula and gremolata on a baguette, chicken pita with hummus and herb dressing, Southwestern Chicken with fried jalapenos and onions on a baguette, barbecue chicken on a baguette, or a Buffalo chicken wrap complete with blue cheese, pickled onions and Buffalo sauce.

Vegetarians aren’t left out, thanks to the “un-karved” vegetarian pita wrap or crispy Cajun-style cauliflower with remoulade and sweet slaw on a baguette. Or try a salad (maybe with porchetta, an offbeat touch), design-your-own bowl or small bites including Karved Krackling Pork Belly or carne asada fries. Or a proprietary sauce or a side such as seasonal roasted vegetables, dirty mashed potatoes, cheesy grits or black beans.

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