Hanu Korean BBQ

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Neon Feast contributor Adam Rains, beverage director/mixologist/brand ambassador (and tiki-attache!) for the Golden Tiki, says Hanu Korean BBQ is a feast for the senses.

“Favorite things about Hanu: The smell of ribeye, short rib and pork belly that wafts through the plaza, intensifying as you walk in,” Rains said. “The sound of sizzle; the taste of rich meats, the smiles of guests who've gone past the point of contentment and the refreshment of a perfectly quenching beer. Might be one of the best things in Chinatown!”

The restaurant’s name refers to a very specific brand of Korean cattle that’s not available in the U.S., so Hanu comes as close to the authentic flavors as it can. It offers three tiers of all-you-can-eat Korean barbecue, with 11 protein choices in the basic menu that includes 41 items, 17 in the middle tier that encompasses 68 items and 12 in the hand-cut-to-order premium menu with 80 items.

Appetizers, soups and sides are varied, too, and include classic gyoza, shumai, corn cheese and bibimbap as well as radish and rice-cake wraps, bulgogi cheese fries and coco shrimp.

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