Smoke & Fire


If Las Vegas barbecue options tend to run together after a while, just remember this: Among the signature dishes at Smoke & Fire is a trio of “World Famous Blueberry Chicken Sliders.” Are they really world famous? Who knows. But if they’re not, they should be. Because this is a combination that works -- the subtle sweetness of the housemade blueberry jam balanced by the fire of jalapenos, perfectly accenting the moist buttermilk fried chicken on the tender Hawaiian slider buns. And we defy you to find it at another local BBQ joint.

If that’s just a little too offbeat for you, you can always go with Tony’s Brisket Sliders, the smoked meat complemented by pepper jack cheese, tobacco onions, jalapeno and housemade barbecue sauce (plus bacon or eggs, if you so desire). Smoked meat is, of course, the main mission of Smoke & Fire, and it’s also available as pulled pork, pulled chicken, chicken quarters and spare ribs. And, just in case you’re feeling the fire but not the smoke, there’s chicken and waffles, burgers (including a breakfast burger), tacos, salads and more.

BBQ Burger East of Strip & Paradise Ingredients

BBQ Burger East of Strip & Paradise Ingredients

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