Forte Tapas

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Forte Tapas is a bit of a sleeper that slipped by a lot of surveyors, but for all the right reasons.

“This is a restaurant that probably would have been named by everyone surveyed,” said Neon Feast founder Al Mancini, “but Forte doesn’t fall into the usual categories, because it offers an unusually delicious combination of tapas, Eastern European fare and gourmet ingredients you rarely find in local neighborhoods.”

Mancini added that Forte managed to catch the attention of Guy Fieri, who featured it on his show.

Chef/owner Nina Manchev is a native of Bulgaria and her birthplace is evident in dishes such as the Bulgarian Mixed Grill and Thracian Clay Pot, in which tomatoes, roasted peppers, sausage, Bulgarian sheep’s milk feta and egg are baked in a traditional clay pot.

The tapas side of the menu features a lot of dishes more familiar to those who don’t hail from Eastern Europe, such as Gambas Al Ajillo, bacon-wrapped Marcona-stuffed dates and stuffed grape leaves, so you can mix and match at will -- and maybe with an infusion like Gypsy Juice, which is vodka with berry and citrus.

Mediterranean Tapas West of Strip and Vicinity Ingredients

Mediterranean Tapas West of Strip and Vicinity Ingredients

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