One of the country’s only vegan butcher shops is in Las Vegas. NoButcher, which started out as a pop-up, has since expanded into a brick and mortar deli. Opened in 2019, the fast-casual spot boasts an impressive lineup of plant-based delicacies.

If you want a vegan meat, chances are NoButcher has it -- from its house-recipe NoPepperoni to the NoRibs. They also have a deli case filled with staples like NoEgg Salad, NoPotato Salad, vegan cheeses and more.

Beyond the deli-style meats available for purchase in bulk, what really brings people in are the deli sandwiches. The Pulled NoPork Sandwich, the debut item, is made with hand-pulled faux pork, tossed in BBQ sauce and stuffed with maple-mustard slaw. Other sandwiches include their Aloha NoRibs (topped with cabbage, tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, pineapple and cilantro) and the Mediterranean Roasted Veggie Sandwich (topped with house-made almond NoFeta cheese and placed on a crispy ciabatta roll). NoButcher also offers seasonal specials, cookies and ice cream sandwiches.

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