Mott 32

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At least a half dozen experts listed Palazzo’s Mott 32 among their favorite spots for Chinese cuisine, including an anonymous employee of a competing casino. Two of them singled out the applewood roasted 42-day Peking duck as their favorite dish. But this beautifully-appointed restaurant, where the vibe fluctuates from refined to festive to funky as you move from room to room, is about far more than that one signature item.

The menu is intended to reflect modern Hong Kong culture, with touches of Cantonese, Szechuan and Beijing cuisine. Those who don’t’ want to wade too deeply into unfamiliar waters will be reassured by standards such as dim sum, General Tso’s chicken and a familiar variety of rice and noodles. More experienced diners, including those who have lived or traveled in China, will find more exotic options such as jellyfish with black fungus and black vinegar, salt-and-pepper baby octopus or fried frog legs. For the vegans, the chef recently expanded the selection of plant-based options.

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